Why Concierge

Considering the restrictions inherent in the contemporary medical office environment, Dr. Hayes desires to provide diabetes and endocrine care to her patients in a more intimate, personal way. She desires to truly get to know her patients and their families and to be accessible to them to meet their medical needs.

In a concierge medical practice, the physician makes a commitment to limit the number of patients in the practice so that adequate time is available for an enhanced level of care. Extended, unrushed visits will allow Dr. Hayes the luxury of spending plenty of quality time with her patients, also allowing access to her between regularly scheduled visits.

Diabetes is a complex disease and thankfully, there are many treatment options available. Dr. Hayes and her well-trained staff provide exclusive care to her patients that desire this level of service.

Many of the treatment options are costly. Realizing this, her practice will work diligently with insurance companies to obtain coverage for the most highly desired medications and other modalities of care including insulin pumps, continuous glucose monitors and the like.

What concierge includes.

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