Concierge FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to continue to see my primary care physician (PCP)?

Yes, you will need to continue to see your PCP for your general medical needs. Dr. Hayes provides specialty medical care related to diabetes, cardiovascular disease prevention, cholesterol disorders, hypertension, and general endocrine disorders including thyroid disease.

Will Dr. Hayes provide care to me while hospitalized if needed?

Dr. Hayes concentrates on outpatient management of her patients. She does not have admitting privileges at local hospitals. She will be available to consult and provide advice to physicians treating you while hospitalized.

Will I be able to use my medical insurance for the cost of drugs and supplies?

Yes, our staff will diligently work with insurance companies to cover the costs of medications, blood sugar testing strips, insulin pumps, continuous glucose monitors and more.

How do I communicate with Dr. Hayes between visits?

Each patient will have a patient portal account so that correspondence can easily be accomplished between visits. Patients will have several options to choose from in communication between visits based on the urgency of their needs.  For non-urgent communication, the patient portal and/or email will most efficient.  For urgent questions/concerns, patients may call or text message directly to Dr.Hayes.

Will Dr. Hayes communicate with my family or other physicians?

Dr. Hayes feels that family involvement and communication with other physicians involved in your care is extremely important to long term management. Patients will initially sign a HIPAA form stating the individuals with whom they would like their information shared. This form will legally allow Dr. Hayes to share information with the individual(s) of the patient’s choosing.

How do I obtain my lab results between visits?

Each patient will have access to our patient portal. Lab results will be posted to the portal with explanations and comments by Dr. Hayes. These will be accessible as soon as they are available. The portal will serve as the easiest, most efficient way to communicate with Dr. Hayes directly. Patients can send messages to her at any time and response will occur in a timely manner.

Can visits be arranged in my home?

Yes. Dr. Hayes would like for your first visit to be in person, either at your home or at a convenient office space. Standard quarterly visits will be provided at either the patient’s home, the office space or via telemedicine.